Common questions

Why is voter registration required?

Because, for practical purposes, only voters can change the political situation in the country. Politicians do not fear 210 million voters, but only their college and their electoral base, as they are the ones who seek to satisfy themselves in order to be re-elected. When the will of the college or the electoral base is announced, the representative will know that if he does not align himself with it, he will not be reelected.

What can I do WITHOUT being a member?

The voter will be able to evaluate his representatives, express his position on various topics currently proposed, whose total will comprise the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, vote for candidates for tribute, judge acts of politicians and personalities in the COURT OF THE PEOPLE, receive advice for voting, have access to the Electoral Protection Service that gives access to the Register of Defaulting Representatives and Dossiers of politicians.


If the service is for the People, why is there commercial exploitation?

The main and most voter services are FREE ! Some services are charged to finance those services, given the existence of, in addition to the business risk characteristic of any undertaking, high expenses to make the offer of quality services viable, such as:

  • Immobile,

  • information technology (domain, hosting, digital information security to identify and remove phishing and malware attacks, prevent piracy or unauthorized sales on digital channels, monitor and prevent attempts to leak data to act quickly, prevent third parties from using the branding for illicit purposes, scanning the deep web for attacks, scams and threats, external audits, etc.);

  • public fees;

  • labor (analysts to prepare dossiers for about 50,000 politicians (Federal, State and Municipal); and

  • sponsor judicial defense of voters' rights, even in the Supreme Court

Why do external audits?

Because being at the side of the TRUTH requires TRANSPARENCY. The results of the audits will be published together with the measures taken to meet any recommendations.

What is the advantage of registering if I can speak on social media?

Social networks do not count and do not generate an instrument of effective popular pressure, as it is not possible to quantify the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, which serves as a pressure factor, together with the evaluation of each representative in the COURT OF THE PEOPLE. In addition, information (dossiers) is made available that allow the voter to avoid being deceived in the next elections, starting in 2021. The dossiers will be inserted gradually, and can be fed by any voter (but inserted only if the information is true).

Why doesn't the company take a stand if it aims to support the People?

Because the social objective of the company is to determine and disclose the WILL OF THE PEOPLE to everyone's knowledge and, mainly, so that its representatives act according to this will. THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE can only be obtained from the unity of all, regardless of political and ideological orientations. Once this WILL is established, defend the associated voters. The People are the ones who determine what must be defended by POVO.

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